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Jackson County Crime Report (2010)

Total Crime (2010)
Population: 51,442
# of Total Crime: 1,526
Firearm Involved**: 57
Rate*: 51,442

Type of Crime Jackson County Florida
TotalAll** 1,5262,966.4 770,5184,104.7
Property Crimes 1,237 2,404.6 668,612 3,561.8
Violent Crimes** 289 561.8 101,906 542.9
Firearm Involved Violent Crimes 57 110.8 25,204 134.3
MurderAll35.8 9875.3
Firearm Involved23.9 6693.6
Forcible Sex OffensesAll3364.1 9,88552.7
Firearm Involved00.0 1360.7
RobberyAll3364.1 26,074138.9
Firearm Involved1936.9 11,10659.2
Aggravated AssaultAll220427.7 64,960346.1
Firearm Involved3670.0 13,27370.7
All00.0 1420.8
Firearm Involved00.0 200.1
Motor Vehicle Theft4893.3 41,433220.7
Burglary289561.8 169,000900.3
Larceny9001,749.5 458,1792,440.8

Without FirearmFirearm Involved
Manslaughter 0 0
Murder 1 2
Forcible Sex Offenses 33 0
Robbery 14 19
Aggravated Assault 184 36

*: Per 100,000 population.
**: Does not include manslaughter.
***: Total crime does not include manslaughter .
DNR: Did not report.

Note: Florida has adopted a "Forcible Sex Offense" category that is not used at the Federal level. Florida's Forcible Sex Offenses (FSO) include forcible rape, attempted rape, forcible sodomy, and forcible fondling. Users of this site will note that various reports will use either a Forcible Rape or a FSO category in Index Offenses. When Forcible Rape is presented it includes rape and attempted rape only while forcible sodomy and forcible fondling are included in aggravated assault.

Note: Percent changes in number and rate should be interpreted with caution. In small counties with low numbers of crime, a small increase in crime can produce a large percent change.

Note: Dade County was renamed "Miami-Dade County" in 1997. All county and jurisdictional data 1998 to date reflects this change. This change affects the alphabetical order of Miami-Dade County. Please note this change when downloading time series data earlier than 1998.

SOURCE: Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Crime in Florida, Florida uniform crime report [Computer program]. Tallahassee, FL: FDLE.

Source: Florida Department of Law Enforcement  
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