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Florida Flywheelers Antique Village (Fall/Winter)

There is beauty in the tractors that dominated farming in the early 20th century. Those farming vehicles relied on rotating mechanical devices called flywheels -- heavy, freely turning wheels that stored energy to keep the engine running at an even speed.

The Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Club, a non-profit organization founded in 1972, is devoted to those old tractors and engines. The club maintains a historical park on 240 acres between Avon Park and Fort Meade, and that Antique Village is the site of occasional shows open to the public.

The park contains about 50 buildings, such as stores, gas stations, a firehouse and a chapel, recreating a pre-1950 village and evoking a time when flywheel engines were common. A sawmill run by a steam engine is on permanent display.

While flywheel engines are the focus of the park, there is also a variety of period memorabilia to be seen. The park also includes a campground and picnic area.

The 2014 fall and winter event dates have yet to be announced. Admission is $7 per person, and children younger than 12 are admitted for free.

For information on the Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Club's schedule or for more information about the club or the park, call 863-285-9121 or visit

It's located at 7000 Avon Park Cutoff Road in Fort Meade, three miles south of U.S. 98 or eight miles west of U.S. 27.

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