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Alafia River Rendezvous (January)

Thousands of history enthusiasts from all over the country gather each year to re-enact what life was like before 1840.

The Alafia River Rendezvous replicates the periodic gatherings of trappers, Native Americans and merchants. Participants wear period clothing and demonstrate the ways pioneers in that era cooked, handled household chores and entertained themselves.

Re-enactors portray early inhabitants from various cultures, including Native American, British, Irish, Scottish, French and Spanish, as well as American.

The dates have not yet been announced for the 2015 event. The Rendezvous takes place on 322 acres at the end of Azalea Street in Homeland, south of State Road 640, just west of U.S. 17-98.

The event is sponsored by Florida Frontiersmen Inc., a non-profit organization committed to "preserving the skills of our first settlers, pioneers and mountain men in their use of muzzle-loading firearms and the equipment and accoutrements that accompanied such use," according to the club's website.

The gathering normally lasts two weeks, and the final weekend is open to the public.

Organizers bill the event as the largest pre-1840 historical interpretive encampment in the Southeast.

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