Florida Sinkholes  

Sinkhole:32-503 (Hamilton County, 2009)



Sinkhole Reference Number: 32-503
Verified Sinkhole: YES
Date: Dec. 10, 2009
USGS Quadrangle Name:
Size Dimensions: Unknown
Shape of Sinkhole: Unknown
Length: 100 ft
Width: 40 ft
Depth: 99999 ft
Slope of Sides: 99999
Water Visible: Yes
Water Below Land Surface: 99999
Limestone Visible: Unknown
Cave Visible: Unknown
Subsidence Rate: Unknown
Triggering Mechanisms: Unknown
Pre-collapse indicators: Unknown
Property Damage: Unknown
Sinkhole Repaired: Unknown
Repair Planned: Yes
Landuse Codes: Industrial/Commercial
Soil Type: Phosphogypsum Stack Overlaying Unknown Soils.
Comments: Hole appears to have opened under gypstack and breached side of holding pond. Mining runoff then drained into hole causing groundwater concerns. Tests to date reveal no coontamination. Loc plotted using photo interp / triangulation.

Source: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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