Florida Sinkholes  

Sinkhole:06-016 (Hardee County, 1989)



Sinkhole Reference Number: 06-016
Verified Sinkhole:
Date: May 23, 1989
USGS Quadrangle Name: Sweetwater(Dd38)
Size Dimensions: Measured
Shape of Sinkhole: Enlongated
Length: 50 ft
Width: 56 ft
Depth: -
Slope of Sides: -
Water Visible: Yes
Water Below Land Surface: 1
Limestone Visible: No
Cave Visible: No
Subsidence Rate: Rapid
Triggering Mechanisms: 267
Pre-collapse indicators: 0
Property Damage: Yes
Sinkhole Repaired: Unknown
Repair Planned: Unknown
Landuse Codes: Cropland(Agriculture)
Soil Type: Sandy With Organics 1st 3'
Comments: Sinkhole may have been induced by new well on site. All sinkholes. in a circular pattern around well. Sinkholes formed each time well. used to flood fields. Part of this area was at one time low lying. wetland. When well is used level of water drops in p

Source: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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