Florida Sinkholes  

Sinkhole:10-041 (Hillsborough County, 1984)



Sinkhole Reference Number: 10-041
Verified Sinkhole:
Date: Dec. 25, 1984
USGS Quadrangle Name: Dover, Z-34
Size Dimensions: Measured
Shape of Sinkhole: Circular
Length: 40 ft
Width: 40 ft
Depth: 5 ft
Slope of Sides: 90
Water Visible: No
Water Below Land Surface: -
Limestone Visible: No
Cave Visible: No
Subsidence Rate: Rapid
Triggering Mechanisms: Plumpage
Pre-collapse indicators: 0
Property Damage: n
Sinkhole Repaired: Yes
Repair Planned:
Landuse Codes: Suburban (Low Density Residential)
Soil Type: 0
Comments: Owner states many sinkholes occurred in the area. Frost protection irrigation. was in effect for the area on the previous evening.. . . . . .

Source: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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